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CreateAthon Love For The Therapy Place
  • Written by Jenni Brennison

The Therapy Place, a Columbia, SC, 501 (c)3 nonprofit, exists to provide both traditional and innovative therapies to children with special needs regardless of their family’s ability to pay. In 2012, Riggs Partners chose the organization as a CreateAthon client. It’s been almost a year, and Executive Director Dawn Darby can’t stop raving about the... Read More

Why CreateAthon? Part Two: 24 Hours of Pro Bono Power
  • Written by Jenni Brennison

 What if you could put your paying clients on hold to do pro bono work? Even better, what if they were totally cool with it? That’s the beauty of CreateAthon. It empowers you to do just that, and past agency participants have seen their regular clients rally to support their efforts. We even know of... Read More

Why CreateAthon? Part 1: Amp Your Agency's Pro Bono Power
  • Written by Teresa Coles

 It’s that time of year again – CreateAThon Season is imminent. In the past 15 years we’ve partnered with more than 80 agencies to offer pro bono marketing services to community nonprofits.  What began as a late night musing has evolved into a nationwide network with one determined goal: to help our nonprofit partners reach... Read More

You’ve caught the CreateAthon bug. Now What? (Part Two)
  • Written by Julie Turner

Last month we shared how to get the CreateAthon goodness flowing in your community. And, like we’ve said before, CreateAthoners don’t have to be quote — ad agencies — unquote. So if you don’t work at D&D Advertising, how might a CreateAthon work? Well, in 2010, we got a call from Discovery Channel’s marketing division,... Read More

Top Nonprofit Links of the Week
  • Written by Jody Piland

Lessons Learned When Your Community Revolts There are three important rules to follow, or risk upsetting your supporters. You must be honest, you must listen to your community and you must thank them for their support. When these rules are forgotten, your community can become angry and revolt.   Ethics, Gratitude and Crowson Stone Printing This... Read More

The Mission CreateAthon Chose to Accept
  • Written by Andrea Goulet

Here at CreateAthon, we just finished Focus Fest 2012 — a two-day, in-person meeting of the minds to shape the strategy of our new non-profit organization. We (Teresa, Julie, Maria, Jody, Peyton, and Andrea) sat around the Riggs conference table knowing the work we did today would have a major impact for years to come.... Read More

Social Media Case Study for Nonprofits
  • Written by CreateAthon

Case Study Does your organization want to increase its social media reach by attracting more Facebook fans and Twitter followers, or is your primary goal to increase engagement among the social media followers you already have? In this one example, we’ve broken down the details to explain the strategy and execution of one super successful... Read More

How saying no can be a great gift, too.
  • Written by Peyton Rowe

The Problem One of the hardest parts of organizing CreateAthon’s signature program, the 24-hour creative blitz, is telling a large number of deserving non-profit organizations that they haven’t been selected. Like any true blue designer and creator of good, I want to help everyone. And, after organizing four CreateAthon onCampus classes and successful 24-hour events... Read More

Nonprofit Links of the Week
  • Written by Jody Piland

5 Fund-Raising Questions for 2012   Even though the economy wasn’t great, 2011 was a decent year for fundraising. Charities will have to work even harder in 2012 if they want another successful year.  To help prepare for this upcoming year, take a look at The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s five fundraising questions for 2012.  ... Read More

One Decision That Will Change Your Agency for the Better in 2012
  • Written by Cathy Monetti

“It’s CreateAthon! The best day of the year!” is what I hear as Julie and I reach the front door at exactly the same time and we smile covertly in the knowing that ahead of us lay 24+ intense hours in which we and 30 other volunteers will be tested to our creative cores. We... Read More