Top Nonprofit Links of the Week

  • Written by Jody Piland

Lessons Learned When Your Community Revolts

There are three important rules to follow, or risk upsetting your supporters. You must be honest, you must listen to your community and you must thank them for their support. When these rules are forgotten, your community can become angry and revolt.


Ethics, Gratitude and Crowson Stone Printing

This economy has not been good to the paper industry.  Luckily for Riggs Partners and CreateAthon, Crowson Stone Printing has not let that affect their support for nonprofits. We are thankful that Crowson Stone has been kind enough to partner with CreateAthon for 15 years.


Beware of Nonprofit Management Fads

Instead of looking for a quick and easy fix, research how you are going to fix a problem with your nonprofit’s management. Don’t trust the latest fad, more than likely, it will become irrelevant very soon.


Six lessons in successful social media use

Social media is a great way to communicate with your supporters. Make sure you are engaging with them, and not talking at them. When you listen and share with your community, everyone ends up happy.