What can you create in 24 hours?

The short answer: more than you think.

Our volunteer-led model has already given enterprising do-gooders the ability to effect immeasurable impact on their communities and in the world. But we’ve only just begun to build the supports needed to amplify our movement’s reach and depth.


Stamp Idea Group

CreateAthon Partner

The Montgomery Area Council on Aging

Nonprofit Client

Stamp Idea Group created a compelling direct mail program for the Montgomery, Alabama Council on Aging. The agency’s efforts resulted in more donations to the organization than any previous direct solicitation program had ever produced.


Riggs Partners

CreateAthon Partner

Epworth Children’s Home

Nonprofit Client

Riggs Partners developed the brand strategy behind a line of ice cream benefitting Epworth Children’s Home in Columbia, South Carolina. With pro bono support in legal, manufacturing and packaging services, the product is on track to enter market within the next year.


Virginia Commonwealth University

CreateAthon Partner

Brain Injury Association of Virginia

Nonprofit Client

Students at Virginia Commonwealth University designed a new brand identity for the Brain Injury Association’s award-winning summer camp, Camp Bruce McCoy. The new logo helped the organization secure a $25,000 grant, which in turn enabled more people to attend its unique programs.