Sharpen your pro bono service strategy.

Pro bono requests arrive year-round. With so much potential to do so much good, it’s hard to say no. Hosting a CreateAthon consolidates your pro bono service into an easy, repeatable format that strengthens both your community and your team.

CreateAthon lends scale and impact to your pro bono work.

Our model is a unique experience with exponential results. CreateAthon partners see many positive benefits from working together for good:

  • Energizes team and fuels creativity
  • Builds leadership skills, especially in younger team members
  • Connects your team with vital community issues
  • Spurs board service and volunteerism
  • Adds structure to corporate pro bono service
  • Works as a virtual or in-person event
  • Helps retain employees and attracts new talent
  • Multiplies social impact in a concentrated time
  • Delivers a transformative experience that builds team culture

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Who uses CreateAthon?

Marketing Firms

Advertising, marketing, and public relations agencies host annual CreateAthon events to streamline their pro bono service while increasing their social impact.

Professional Associations

Marketing, design, and public relations organizations unite members in a proven structure for skills-based, pro bono service.


Marketing teams in corporate environments can adapt the model to fit their organizational structure, workplace environment or community service goals.


Students gain real-world marcomm experience while sowing the seeds of skills-based volunteerism.

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