With your help we can do so much more.

Your donation advances the work of countless nonprofits and helps a new generation of communications professionals learn what it means to use their talent for good.


Since 1998, we’ve generated over $25 million in pro bono marketing services on a budget of goodwill.

Reaching our next goal will take more than pizza and Twizzlers.

Donations to CreateAthon support a small, dedicated team of CreateAthon volunteers who work hard to grow our network and inspire more organizations to join the movement. That same team also creates partner resources and implements marketing and communications programs designed to recruit more marketing teams into CreateAthon service. All donations are directed to funding these outside costs.  

Over the next five years, we hope to deliver $100 million in pro bono marketing and communications. During that time, we project that every $1 of our operating budget will generate $64 worth of pro bono marketing services to the nonprofit marketplace.