Limitless potential. Priceless impact.

Our volunteer-led model has already given enterprising do-gooders the ability to effect immeasurable impact on their communities and in the world. But we’ve only just begun to build the supports needed to amplify our movement’s reach and depth.

With your donation, a little elbow grease and a lot of passion, we can advance the work of countless nonprofits and help a new generation of marketing professionals learn what it means to use their talents for good.


So, what will we do with your donation? We’re glad you asked.

Since 1998, we’ve generated more than $24 million in pro bono marketing services on a budget of goodwill and a whole lot of junk food. But to reach our next phase of growth, we’ll need more than pizza, Twizzlers and 24 hours of creative whizbang.

Your donation will support a small, dedicated team of CreateAthon staff who will grow our network and inspire a greater number of organizations to adopt our marathon model as a means of boosting employee engagement and social responsibility.

Our team will also create resources and support materials that meet the needs of CreateAthon partners, helping them to put on a better-organized and more effective pro bono marathon than they ever thought possible.

Over the next five years, we hope to deliver $100 million in pro bono marketing and communications. During that time, we project that every $1 of our operating budget will generate $64 worth of pro bono marketing services to the nonprofit marketplace.