Have more fun working than you ever thought possible.

While an “athon” model seems like a simple solution, the downfall is in the details. The challenge is knowing how to deliver it successfully, in a way that doesn’t drain your organization or people.

Take the guesswork out of your pro bono marketing marathon.

When you become a CreateAthon partner, you get everything we’ve learned in 20+ years for free. Your complete CreateAthon Toolkit has instructions, tips and resources for:

  • Recruiting, vetting and selecting nonprofits
  • Organizing project teams
  • Onboarding nonprofit clients
  • Briefing and organizing projects
  • Managing nonprofit client expectations
  • Organizing and managing the event, virtually or in-person
  • Sharing the work with nonprofits
  • Evaluating the experience

If your marketing team is ready for a good night’s work, we’d love to talk to you.