Using creative superpowers for good.

Inspired communications is critical to providing clarity and mobilizing action around social issues. That puts people in marketing and communications in a highly distinctive position to impact positive social change.

The marathon, the movement.

CreateAthon harnesses creative talent in a way that builds scale behind this truth. Our 24-hour pro bono marketing marathon has already recruited more than 100 different marketing teams into service as CreateAthon partners, delivering more than $25 million in marketing services to noprofit organizations committed to social change. All while building life-changing experiences for the CreateAthon volunteers who bring their creative talents to a good night’s work.

We need more marketing teams like yours delivering transformative ideas for social change.

Be the next one.

The greater the number of CreateAthon partners, the more we can help social change organizations access the tools they need to communicate their mission, advance their cause, and impact their communities. When that happens, we all get a little closer to a more connected, compassionate world. Who doesn’t want that?

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