Top 5 Feelings about CreateAthon

  • Written by Spencer Woodall, VCU

If theres one think I know that I am exceptionally good at, it is making lists. Lists help me to somewhat organize this crazy place I call my brain. I’ve decided to make a list telling my feelings about CreateAthon.

  1. (The most important) I am more than ecstatic about the final product, the fact that I have worked hard to help create something that will completely change the way my organization will conduct business. The change will always be for the positive, no matter what way I have helped them they will be on the up, not to say they are not doing this on their own, just that they will sky rocket after CreateAthon is all said and done.
  2. One thing that I didn’t expect coming into CreateAthon was the amount of work involved this both excites me and scares me at the same time, which is in fact a strange feeling. The best thing about this opportunity is the challenge that it brings, but it is a challenge that I have taken wholeheartedly and no matter how worn out I am this will be a number one priority.
  3. I am excited to finally get the ball rolling and see how things are going to pan out during and after the event, and FINALLY figuring out who my team is going to consist of.
  4. The networking opportunities and future ventures coming out of participating in such an awesome event also make me very happy. Happy in a way knowing that if I want to eventually use my super hero powers for good to save the world I am more than capable.
  5. The final thing that makes me ecstatic is the actual event. All I can hope for is that my team is ready for some crazy stuff, because I myself am quite the crazy person, they also have to like loud random music and those strange wee hours of the morning conversations even one has about those really weird topics. For example “Why does my arm have hair?” Ha ha.

I’ve have found some pretty cool videos to share too one about CreateAthon at VCU and another by Leslie Jensen-Inman who talks about the 4 P’s: Passion, Purpose, Promise, and Pursuit, which are 4 pretty good words you can use to describe CreateAthon on Campus.

The 4 P’s video– its 45 minuets long but more than worth it.

The VCU CreateAthon Video