Top Nonprofit Links of the Week

  • Written by Jody Piland


Top 5 Feelings about CreateAthon 

CreateAthon is always an exciting time. One student participating in CreateAthon on Campus at Virginia Commonwealth University writes about his feelings towards this program and what has surprised him.

58 Things Social Media Newbies Say & Maybe You Said Too!?

Social media can be fun and exciting, but also confusing when you are a newbie. The only way to learn how to use social media is to actually use it. When you continue to use it, you will become more comfortable with it.  Are you guilty of having said something on this list? I know I am.

How The Happiest People In The World Spend Their Money

The amount of money you have does not need to equal how happy you are.  If you learn to rethink what makes you happy, you will realize that it is the things that don’t have a monetary value, such as friends, family and nature, that truly make you happy.

 It’s time for nonprofit social media memes!

Memes have recently become popular online. They are concepts that spread very quickly. They are intended to lighten the mood with a laugh. Check out these memes dedicated to nonprofit social media.