Why CreateAthon? Part Two: 24 Hours of Pro Bono Power

  • Written by Jenni Brennison

 What if you could put your paying clients on hold to do pro bono work? Even better, what if they were totally cool with it?

That’s the beauty of CreateAthon. It empowers you to do just that, and past agency participants have seen their regular clients rally to support their efforts. We even know of a client who showed up at midnight to make pancakes for one hardworking CreateAthon team. This dedicated 24 hours of pro bono time is the ultimate goodwill builder, not only between your team and area nonprofits, but also for your everyday client relationships. So let’s talk about our second reason for encouraging your agency to sign up as a CreateAthon partner.

Robert Dozier, a client contact, visits CreateAthon and serves up pancakes to the team.

Reason #2 CreateAthon gives you 24 hours dedicated exclusively to pro bono work

We know how it happens. We’ve been there too. You offer to do pro bono work, and your intentions are good, but your workload always seems to have a way of sneaking up on you. CreateAthon not only dedicates a specific timeframe for pro bono, but it creates an event other clients will be excited to support. It’s been our experience that clients are more than happy to give you 24 hours to give back to your community. And more importantly, they’re ready to cheer you on.

CreateAthon is the game changer you’ve been looking for. You get a date, a specific start time, and a deadline in between which no interruptions are allowed. For 24 hours, your work is focused solely on nonprofit service. With such a tight deadline, you can easily guarantee the work will get done.  And the level of strategic thought and creativity your team can produce will amaze you.

In upcoming posts we’ll show you how CreateAthon’s marathon model actually gives you more time to thoughtfully consider the most strategic approach to your pro bono work, and we’ll share our success in producing amazing, high quality results for our nonprofit clients.

Riggs Partners CreateAthon 2012: The 24 hour pro bono glow.