Nonprofit Links of the Week

  • Written by Jody Piland

5 Fund-Raising Questions for 2012


Even though the economy wasn’t great, 2011 was a decent year for fundraising. Charities will have to work even harder in 2012 if they want another successful year.  To help prepare for this upcoming year, take a look at The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s five fundraising questions for 2012.


7 Totally Surprising Brain Tricks to Sell Your Cause


There are tons of brain tricks you can use to sell your cause. Studies show that 95% of human thought, emotion and learning happens without our conscious awareness. By learning these behaviors, you can help increase donations to your nonprofit.

You’ve caught the CreateAthon bug. Now what?


CreateAthon is a great way to get your agency involved in pro bono work. It happens once a year and is a flexible model that can easily fit into any agency’s schedule. Find out how simple it is to help your local nonprofits.

Why Are Lawyers The Only Ones Who Get To Do Pro Bono Work?

Pro bono work is so prevalent in law firms, that it is expected in most.  With this idea in mind, Aaron Hurst created The Taproot Foundation to help make pro bono work more established in 2001. They are now halfway through their Pro Bono 2020 campaign, and thanks to them pro bono work expected in more industries.