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Telling the CreateAthon Story
  • Written by Teresa Coles

There’s nothing more exciting than watching our tiny, baby idea — staying up all night to give back to local charities — grow into a powerful movement for creating social good. As CreateAthon grows, so does the chatter about it. Just follow the #createathon hashtag on Twitter and you can see for yourself. We believe... Read More

Why is CreateAthon relevant?
  • Written by Katie deSouza, redpepper

Last year I was ask to share an internal presentation on “Why createAthon was relevant” to redpepper. As you can see in this video I shared my personal story of how we, redpeper,  got involved in CreateAthon. Why Is CreateAthon Relevant? from redpepper on Vimeo. This year redpepper is focusing on story telling and how... Read More

National CreateAthon® Week Brings Pro Bono Marketing to Nonprofits
  • Written by Teresa Coles

It’s finally here. CreateAthon®, a national movement that encourages professionals and students in the communicating arts to put their creative talents to work for social good, announces the beginning of National CreateAthon Week on Sunday, September 11. During this week, marketing, advertising, public relations, interactive and design firms across the country will host 24-hour, pro... Read More

CreateAthon: A veteran's perspective
  • Written by Julie Turner

When I volunteered at the first CreateAthon 14 years ago, I did it to be nice and to work with a bunch of cool people. Of course, I was very happy to be helping nonprofits, but my focus at that time was helping friends who were doing something bold and meaningful. I knew it would... Read More

Time to Shine
  • Written by Cathy Monetti

When you’ve spent years in the creative business, you learn that most ideas – even the best of ideas – peak. Then, in order to keep them relevant, you reinvent. But once in a great while, you develop a gem of an idea with a life bigger than its time. Fifteen years ago, Teresa Coles... Read More

An Extreme Brand Makeover
  • Written by Jennifer Day, smith&jones

At smith&jones, we’re doing things a little differently this year for CreateAthon and we couldn’t be more excited. Already, we’ve had our biggest response of all of our nine years participating. This year, in honor of our own brand makeover at the beginning of the year (and with a wink to Ty Pennington), we are... Read More

Love is in the Air
  • Written by Jody Piland

It really is beginning to look a lot like CreateAthon season. There’s a certain feeling in the air and I think it’s starting to affect the people here at Riggs Partners. Julie has started skipping around the office, and if there were a CreateAthon song, she’d be singing it. It’s impossible not to be pulled... Read More

CreateAthon, a Meaningful Experience
  • Written by Teresa Coles

What I love most about CreateAthon is using my creativity to help people. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do this. It is a wonderful feeling that can bring you to tears. Our friends at smith&jones in New England feel the exact same way. They’re doing CreateAthon a little different this year... Read More

The Spirit of Change
  • Written by Kathryn White

This will be my first CreateAthon. I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, before I started working for Riggs Partners, CreateAthon was one of my top reasons for wanting the job. I was both impressed that they were committed to giving back and inspired by the collaborative creative genius. And the fact that this drew... Read More

Working Pro Bono: Part Three
  • Written by Danielle Zeigler

Part Three: Using Social Media for Causes In honor of LWT’s 9th annual CreateAthon event, I’ll be covering a three part series on working for causes. Part One: Agencies Giving Back to the Community Part Two: LWT’s CreateAthon 2010 Coverage Part Three: Using Social Media for Causes Social media is the new avenue for social good,... Read More