Telling the CreateAthon Story

  • Written by Teresa Coles

There’s nothing more exciting than watching our tiny, baby idea — staying up all night to give back to local charities — grow into a powerful movement for creating social good. As CreateAthon grows, so does the chatter about it. Just follow the #createathon hashtag on Twitter and you can see for yourself. We believe that CreateAthon can change the world for a nonprofit in just 24 hours. And in the process, CreateAthon changes us.

We are so excited when others step up to help us tell the CreateAthon story. Many thanks to Midlands Biz for this lovely video on CreateAthon featuring Riggs Partners, the original founders.

What does CreateAthon mean to you? Help us the tell the story. Tweet this post. Post it on Facebook. Take a friend to coffee and explain how design for social good can change the world. We believe.