Love is in the Air

  • Written by Jody Piland

It really is beginning to look a lot like CreateAthon season. There’s a certain feeling in the air and I think it’s starting to affect the people here at Riggs Partners. Julie has started skipping around the office, and if there were a CreateAthon song, she’d be singing it.

It’s impossible not to be pulled into the excitement. When you’re surrounded by people who are truly devoted to helping their community, you too want to join their movement. I have never participated in CreateAthon, but after planning it for the last few months it has now become an important part of my life.

CreateAthon is less than a month away and I have officially turned into a giddy little girl. I have more than one reason to be giddy about this approaching weekend though. It would be my luck, but I am getting married on the same weekend as CreateAthon. So sadly, I will not be participating in this year’s CreateAthon festivities. While I am excited for my upcoming nuptials, I am sad that I will be missing out on something that I have been working so hard on. We have picked 11 amazing nonprofits, and I know this will be the best CreateAthon yet.  Besides, I can always participate next year.

Think anyone will care if I Skype the office while walking down the aisle?