CreateAthon Blog

CreateAthon: time flies when you’re having fun AND on a deadline
  • Written by Teresa Coles

I’ve always maintained it’s one or other. With CreateAthon, it’s truly both. How can it be 9:00? Ideas are swirling at wharp speed, but it’s just about time for things to settle down. At Riggs Partners we find the 9 to 12 block is get-over-the-hump time, when things go one way or another as we... Read More

CreateAthon Eve
  • Written by Teresa Coles

The briefs are approved, the teams are set, the refrigerator’s been cleaned out. Now all that’s left is the night before, when you know you should go to bed early but your mind is racing with questions that threaten to keep you up this night, of all nights. Can we really serve 10 nonprofits? Do... Read More

Tough love from CreateAthon
  • Written by Teresa Coles

CreateAthon week is here! Partner agencies — at least those that hold their events in the fall — are scurrying around with prep work for the BIG DAY. Here’s a word of advice from the Mother Ship to keep in mind during these final days: manage expectations. That means doing things like: • Developing a brief... Read More

CreateAthon lands in NYC
  • Written by Teresa Coles

Imagine our excitement at the Mother Ship when we learned this spring that Peyton Rowe, director and Chief Evangelical Officer of CreateAthon onCampus, had been selected as one of only 15 professionals in the country to participate in IMPACT! Design for Social Change. IMPACT! is a six-week summer intensive study at the School of Visual... Read More

Help spread the CreateAthon love
  • Written by Teresa Coles

This blog was developed to give all of us involved in the CreateAthon movement a place to share our hopes, dreams, ideas and successes with others who are committed to using our creative talents for social good. To that end, the Mother Ship invites all 2010 CreateAthon Partners to send us the name of someone... Read More

Share some CreateAthon brilliance
  • Written by Teresa Coles

It’s that time of year again, when agencies, design firms and all good creative boys and girls start lining up to play CreateAthon 2010.  What better time to introduce the new center of the CreateAthon universe in the form of this blog? Here’s where CreateAthon partners can post the latest news on your CreateAthon activities,... Read More