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CreateAthon Blog

The Spirit of Change
  • Written by Kathryn White

This will be my first CreateAthon. I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, before I started working for Riggs Partners, CreateAthon was one of my top reasons for wanting the job. I was both impressed that they were committed to giving back and inspired by the collaborative creative genius. And the fact that this drew... Read More

CreateAthon and The Healing Species: Helping Rescued Animals Heal the Heart
  • Written by Adele Little, The Healing Species

CreateAthon is one of the greatest gifts the Healing Species has ever received!  It felt incredibly humbling to be chosen by Riggs Partners and to receive such a large measure of professional talent and marketable material we could start using immediately to increase awareness about and support for our Compassion Education and Violence Intervention Program.... Read More