CreateAthon and The Healing Species: Helping Rescued Animals Heal the Heart

  • Written by Adele Little, The Healing Species

CreateAthon is one of the greatest gifts the Healing Species has ever received!  It felt incredibly humbling to be chosen by Riggs Partners and to receive such a large measure of professional talent and marketable material we could start using immediately to increase awareness about and support for our Compassion Education and Violence Intervention Program. Teresa Coles, Michele Affronte, and each person who collaborated on our video, PowerPoint, and corporate sponsorship plan showed us amazing dedication to this task.

Why would someone go to so much trouble and stay up all night for us?  I don’t know, but we surely saw something in each of them, which left us in awe of their sheer talent and giving hearts.  The next morning, everyone was giddy with caffeine and emotions, and we were overcome and teary seeing the results.

Since then, we have shown the video and PowerPoint countless times and have received large donations to our organization from new corporate sponsors.  We will forever be deeply grateful for the investment made into Healing Species and will highly recommend CreateAthon to any nonprofit to apply for the same opportunity, plus to any professionals who would like to be involved with a top-notch group of people and Riggs Partners.

Adele Little, Director
Cheri Brown Thompson, Founder and President