well that was crazy.

  • Written by CreateAthon onCampus

Thursday night seems like it was just on big giant blur, if you were to blink you would miss it. Never in my life did I think staying up for 24+ hours would be so easy. (I only had one cup of coffee) As I have a had a few days to reflect I have been thinking of the biggest thing I will take away from this experience and I can’t pick just one but I could possibly pick one that is of higher importance.

The one major thing that I will take away from this event is how good it feels to do something awesome and see how much people enjoy it. The night of sleeplessness, blood, sweat and tears that went into creating an amazing new brand identity for ACTS was all worth it when my team and I showed them the work we had done in the morning which of course they loved. It was a total change from the previous even thought we kept somewhat of the same color pallet to keep the roots. But thats a little ahead of what I’m talking about I just feel so excited, that words cannot accurately express, about the work we did and how much it is going to help ACTS now and into the future.

I hope they are still impressed with the mark we have made for them 20 years from now. Also I would like to extend a big thank you to my team even though we had someone leave during the night we stuck together and meshed together pretty well. Its pretty inspiring to see how close a group of pretty much strangers can become in 24 hours with the help of sleep deprivation and some crazy music.

I would not exchange this experience for anything in the world and if I could be a team leader again or basically just do CreateAthon over again tomorrow I would do it with no complaints. When ever I talk about the event I can’t help but get a lll giddy like a 5 year old getting to pick a box of cereal at the grocery store.

This is getting long winded because once I get started I can’t stop, like when you eat Pringles, so this is where I end it. I will post more stories later.


–Spencer Woodall