CreateAthon AfterMath!

  • Written by CreateAthon onCampus

It has been five days since CreateAthon and i think that my sleep schedule is finally back to normal. CreateAthon was an amazing experience. i had so much fun staying up all night and making great work for my non-profit.

My Biggest Take Aways From CreateAthon.

-Leading a team is tough, but if you make your team happy and don’t piss them off they will do great work.

-Don’t Try to do everything on your own you have a team for a reason.

-Have fun you can’t make good work if you’re stressing the whole time.

-Find Help when you need it.

-Take Breaks to Goof off. You Can’t Just work for hours and hours without breaks you will drain yourself.

-It’s all about the non Profit. Really no matter what happens during CreateAthon you always have to remember your making work for a great non profit who could not get this level of advertising any other way.

The best moment for me was when we reveled our work to the client. We had so much work for them they where just in shock by all the work. They were only expecting one video and we gave the tons and tons of work. They were just so happy with everything.

I had an Amazing Team Consisting of Sam Roots, Jon Angot, Brennan Wyatt, Travis Hall and Swetha “SWAG” Gavirneni. With out them i would not have been able to produce all this work

Again No words can describe the feeling of sleep deprived happiness i had while presenting to our wonderful non-profit Sportable.

— Ian Taylor