The Pro Bono Marathon: Soon to be a Seasoned World Traveler

  • Written by Jenni Brennison

According to one of my favorite high school teachers, the difference between a good idea and a great idea is that great ideas inspire action. So, it’s really exciting to watch CreateAthon go coast-to-coast and around the world.

From Canada to Fiji we have agencies hopping the CreateAthon bandwagon, and in Germany and France we have organizations creating their own Pro Bono marathons while giving us a nod. It’s truly a great time for skills-based volunteering.

Here’s a quick look at our international CreateAthon partners:

Oceanic Communications, Suva, Fiji

This interactive agency serves the entire South Pacific region with a focus in web development, online marketing, intranet and extranet communications, and digital branding.

Orchid Communications, Jersey, Channel Islands

Located off the coast of Normandy, they specialize in marketing, public relations, event management, and training.

Fleishman Hillard, Toronto, Canada

They’re a PR powerhouse, a communications juggernaut, and we’re thrilled to have them onboard.

Of course we can’t say enough about KreativMarathon of Hamburg and Pro Bono Lab of Paris. These two groups have taken CreateAthon’s marathon model and adapted it to the needs of their own markets.

KreativMarathon is a collaboration between TalentSpenderReFrame, and advertising agencies in the Hamburg market. They’ve asked us for encouragement and support, and we couldn’t be happier to supply it.

Pro Bono Lab is bringing all kinds of companies together to volunteer their professional skills. They’re quick to say CreateAthon was their inspiration, and they’ve even created their own student model based upon CreateAthon On Campus.

We’re thrilled to see our “little idea” take flight and inspire the generosity of so many skilled creatives. We can’t wait to see where the move to Pro Bono takes CreateAthon next.