Far from ordinary. They're verynice.

  • Written by Jenni Brennison


Even before they joined CreateAthon, pro bono was a cultural imperative for Los Angeles based design and innovation consultancy, verynice.  Since opening their doors they’ve donated over $775,000 in creative services to more than 200 clients. So if they’re already doing it, why host a CreateAthon?  Founder Matthew Manos explains.

Hello verynice!

 We are really excited by the concept of CreateAthon and the idea of being able to contribute even more to our community than we already are. Our work at verynice spans over 40 countries. Not many know the majority of our work is actually not for local organizations. About 52 percent of our projects have been outside of the city. As a result, we are excited to focus 24 hours SOLELY on Los Angeles.

By calling on many of our LA team-members and collaborators, we bring together a great group of people with diverse skill sets. Our vision for the verynice CreateAthon will not be to solely execute marketing materials, but instead (as with all of our work), to focus innovation. As a result, we will develop prototypes, content, and foresight that will push five organizations ahead of the curve. Our decision to focus on the theoretical and conceptual as opposed to the ordinary comes from an intuition of ours that we believe this format will lend itself best to.

 And we can’t wait to see what they come up with.  We’ll check in with verynice after their CreateAthon to see how they helped  local nonprofits and find out what they learned through the process.