CreateAthon Blog

The Ugly Cry
  • Written by Andrea Goulet

I thought I was prepared for staying up for 24 hours straight. I drank plenty of water, limited my caffeine to avoid a crash, and did my best to pace my energy throughout the event. But there was one thing that I wasn’t prepared for: the ugly cry. This year was my third CreateAthon, but... Read More

The Mission CreateAthon Chose to Accept
  • Written by Andrea Goulet

Here at CreateAthon, we just finished Focus Fest 2012 — a two-day, in-person meeting of the minds to shape the strategy of our new non-profit organization. We (Teresa, Julie, Maria, Jody, Peyton, and Andrea) sat around the Riggs conference table knowing the work we did today would have a major impact for years to come.... Read More

Getting Up by Giving Back
  • Written by Andrea Goulet

It’s amazing the curve balls life can throw. Or in my case, a chair. What was meant to be a tool of intimidation and destruction helped me find CreateAthon and ultimately became a source of strength and healing. Let’s rewind. When I was eighteen, I met a guy (let’s call him Jake) at a party.... Read More