Waggener Edstrom gives us a CreateAthon play-by-play

  • Written by Jenni Brennison

There seem to be a few universal truths about every CreateAthon experience. Participants agree, staying up for 24-hours is a little bit crazy. OK, it’s a lot of crazy. At 8 a.m. a client’s enthusiasm for your work can make you burst into tears even before you begin your presentation. But what happens at 4 a.m when you find yourself unable to think straight and you’re pretty certain another cup of coffee will throw you over the edge? How do CreateAthoner’s push through the night to create the magic nonprofits need to achieve their communication goals?

Waggener Edstrom's, Jordan Madrid, admits great ideas flow a little more freely before midnight.

Account Coordinator, Jordan Madrid, recently participated in Waggener Edstrom’s CreateAthon. His play-by-play documents the Portland, Ore., team’s  efforts to persevere, keep the creative juices flowing, and unleash the pro bono greatness just in time to hit that 8 a.m. deadline. Read on.