Saying Yes

  • Written by Teresa Coles

This morning, hundreds of people in the communicating arts woke up to the longest day of the year. Twenty-four hours of intense brainstorming, sketching, writing, shooting, editing, coding, eating, yawning, laughing and crying.

Why would anyone put themselves through that?

I’ve thought a lot about that in the 16 years since CreateAthon was born here at Riggs Partners. I know now it comes down to this simple truth:

We were put here on this earth to serve. And we crave it, secretly.

Remember, at 4 a.m., CreateAthon is you saying YES to pro bono service.

I believe as human beings we are hard-wired to serve, even when we don’t realize it about ourselves. It’s why we have natural talents that evolve and grow over time, often manifesting themselves in the professions we choose. After all, there’s an inherent reason that Teresa was an English major and Tom, finance. But what binds us is the inherent desire to do something more with these gifts and talents, beyond the ordinary expectations of the business world.

So we come together in something like CreateAthon, an opportunity for all of us to take the talents that have been planted within us and use them to meet a human need, to protect the environment, to ease suffering among animals, or to address any number of concerns in the communities we call home.

You have many hours and ideas ahead of you in the next 24 hours. And, since you’re human, you’ll likely experience a few doubts along the way. Can we possibly finish all of this work? Will the client even like it? Will it solve their problem? Will it make a difference?

When those thoughts crowd your mind, push them aside and hold on until the morning. You’ll see all the answers in the eyes of people who will come to you with gladness, humility and thanks for the sheer fact that you were willing to say YES to that voice of service within you. And you will be filled.

Now, go and be brilliant.