Magnifying Philanthropic Giving

  • Written by Julie Turner

When CreateAthon was born 15 years ago, the idea was simple: To do more work for more nonprofits in next-to-no amount of time. That’s also what happened in a big way on Tuesday, May 6 in our hometown and maybe yours as well.

Give Local America, a movement designed reignite philanthropy at the community level, not so quietly raised a staggering $53.2 million in the form of more than 300,000 gifts made to local community foundations. Money that stays put and works in the community in which it was donated.

In Columbia, South Carolina the marathon giving effort was called Midlands Gives. In 24 hours the group raised $704,932.23 via 5,000 gifts for 150 nonprofits across nine Midlands counties. The event was successful beyond their wildest dreams, according to event sponsor JoAnn Turnquist, president and chief executive officer of Central Carolina Community Foundation. And even better she said, rather than promoting their individual causes, most participating groups encouraged donors to support the entire community.

Girls on the Run promotes philanthropic giving in Columbia, SC during Midlands Gives.

One effort times 84 communities. That simple equation meant millions of dollars for nonprofits all across the United States on one day. Just look at all that can be accomplished in 24 hours.