Hop on CreateAthon.

  • Written by Julie Turner

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is the song we’re all singing about this time every year. Yes, the warm, sunny summer days are nigh. But what really puts the wind in our sails is when our CreateAthon partners start setting the wheels in motion for CreateAthon 2014.

The first step? Signing the CreateAthon partner agreement.

A signed letter of agreement unlocks the inner machination of the CreateAthon kingdom, but it’s a simple process that’s refreshingly low on legalese mumbo jumbo. (You can learn more about CreateAthon partnerships here.) The letter simply states that you’re on board with the program and gives you access to the CreateAthon components, how-to kit and benefits.

Just who would sign such an agreement? Well, last year more than 25 groups did including Ohio’s WhiteSpace Creative, Oregon’s Waggener Edstrom, and the fine folks at very nice in Los Angles, California. In the coming weeks we’ll give you a sneak peek of some of our 2014 partners and why they decided to take the CreateAthon plunge. Some have been plunging for more than a decade now!

If your agency is ready to hop aboard the CreateAthon train, shoot us an email and we’ll help you get started. It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and we’d love more than anything to share it with folks like you.