FleishmanHillard Canada Prepares for CreateAthon 2015

  • Written by Peyton Rowe

1.       Why do you all do CreateAthon?

FH Toronto has grown a lot since we last participated in CreateAthon, and we’re looking forward to being able to showcase how beneficial some of our newest office additions are. For example, we have a full creative services department now, as well as a media buyer and a research expert. What’s more, we don’t normally get to work with the types charities involved this year, so it’s an opportunity for us as an office to collaborate, execute fun projects, and flex our creative muscles. The five charities that we chose are also close to our hearts; that heightens the motivation to work hard and create some great content for the NPOs that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford our services.


2.       What do you guys do to stay awake during CreateAthon?

In order to keep our minds fresh and our bodies up and moving, we will be hosting a variety of #FHPumpUp challenges. Each of our five teams will have the chance to challenge the other four throughout the night and into the wee hours of the morning. The challenges can be anything from floor hockey to jumping jacks, and the team with the most impressive participation will win an energy inducing prize. We’ll be documenting the challenges on Twitter at @FleishmanCA, so be sure to follow along!


3.       What’s your strategy? Red Bull, late-night jam session or power nap?

Caffeinated beverages, power naps and our office mama. We keep a supply of beverages on hand because hydration is key to surviving the 24 hours. Staggered team naps are also crucial to keep everyone’s minds sharp. Last, but certainly not least – our secret asset: our office mama, Shannon. She makes sure everyone is well fed and comfortable so our smart thinking can last all night long.

4.       What’s your favorite CreateAthon midnight snack?

We don’t just have midnight snacks – we’re fuelling our team every 3 hours throughout 24 hours. So we have a midnight snack, a 3am snack and 6am snack! Variety and nutrition is critical to keeping our bodies energized and minds sharp. We have a variety of things being served including (pita, hummus and veggies), (yogurt and granola), (cheese, crackers and beef jerky), and (fruit and nuts).


5.       What’s your go-to CreateAthon outfit?

Our team t-shirts and track pants. We like to add a little friendly competition, so the shirts identify what team you’re on, and the track pants help with competing in our #FHPumpUp challenges! Oh, and don’t forget comfy socks/slippers.


6.       What’s in your CreateAthon overnight bag?

Toothbrush, deodorant, headphones and a pillow. Feeling fresh is important to high performance. Headphones facilitate a late night music blast to pump up the awake workers, and the pillow makes the power naps that much comfier.