CreateAthon Experience Featured in HOW Magazine

  • Written by Courtney Fleming

CreateAthon board member Matthew Manos’ just-published article in HOW magazine features timely insights on the changing landscape of work experiences in the creative industry:

The way designers work is changing. From the physical environments we work in to the methodologies we use to keep ourselves motivated, how we work, and what it means to work, is drastically different today than it was 10 years ago. By 2020, it is estimated that 50% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers in some capacity. Why? For better or worse, tools like Slack, Skype, and so many more have challenged the mindset of a new generation of workers to shift from work/life balance toward work/life integration.”

The article goes on to highlight CreateAthon as a shining example of the future of work:

“For agencies looking to use their skills for the greater good without compromising an already packed schedule, look no further than CreateAthon. CreateAthon, of which I’m on the advisory board, is a 24-hour, non-stop, pro-bono “marathon” in which teams work to develop as many materials as possible for non-profits. Launched 20 years ago by Riggs Partners in South Carolina, this volunteer-led program has served as the catalyst for over $24,000,000 in pro-bono services to benefit over 1,300 community organizations.”


See the full article here:


About Matthew Manos

Matthew Manos is an award-winning design strategist, social entrepreneur, and educator. Called “crazy or genius” by Forbes Magazine, and named one of seven millennials changing the world by The Huffington Post, Matthew’s pioneering work in the field of social enterprise has inspired thousands of practitioners to engage in socially and environmentally responsible business. He is the Founder of verynice, a design strategy consultancy that gives half of its work away for free to nonprofit organizations. verynice’s clientele includes Google, UNICEF, and the American Heart Association. Matthew is also the creator of Models of Impact, an open source toolkit for developing new, socially responsible, business models. To date, verynice has donated over $6.5MM worth of pro-bono services and initiatives to benefit over 500 organizations across the globe.