Dawe Consulting Says Yes to CreateAthon, Again and Again

  • Written by Jenni Brennison

Dawe Consulting may not  be a huge global conglomerate, but for the nonprofits of Northeastern Pennsylvania, their hearts couldn’t be bigger. Plus, they’re an amazing example of how creatives come from diverse professional backgrounds. We’re not all working at ad agencies. As Julie Turner once blogged, anyone can host a CreateAthon.  Dawe proves it. Creative Director, Catherine Shafer, tells us why they keeping coming back.

We have been participating in CreateAThon for 12 years now and every year, when we think we might not have the stamina to do it again – we remember the smiles and tears of the nonprofit folks we help – and we recommit. We have volunteers from many agencies in the area who can’t wait to help out. There isn’t any “turf war” during CreateAThon as we are all in it together. Besides, it’s fun. My only wish is that more agencies (or groups like ours) would join CreateAThon. With cutbacks at every turn, nonprofits need our help more than ever.

NEPA CreateAThon
NEPA CreateAthon, fueled by donuts, cookies, and other delights.