CreateAthon Takes Flight

  • Written by Jenni Brennison

This year CreateAthon celebrates its 16th anniversary. As marketers, we’re often told our ideas are the only thing we have. Best to hold them close. What if someone else can’t see your vision? If you lose control will you ever restore your idea to its roots?

When it came to CreateAthon, however, Teresa Coles and Cathy Monetti realized they had to send this great idea out into the world. Last year, Teresa was invited to speak at TEDx ColumbiaSC. In her talk she explains how the decision to share CreateAthon inspired an international movement of agencies, corporations, colleges, and professional organizations to stage their own pro bono all-nighters. More than 75  businesses and groups, 1200 nonprofits, five college campuses, and three continents later, we estimate CreateAthon has given away more than $16 million in creative work. Our little idea continues to fly. We’ve stopped worrying about where it’s going.

Watch Teresa speak at TEDx ColumbiaSC 2012.