#2030NOW: Skills Based Volunteerism To Close The Technology Gap

  • Written by Jenni Brennison

 Mashable’s Social Good Summit is happening right now. For three days, the world’s most influential thinkers, activists, and techies will come together to share their ideas for using new media and technology to make the world a better place. Best of all, you don’t have to fly to New York to get a seat at the table.

No matter where you live, this year YOU have a seat. -Mashable

On Sunday the Social Good Summit launched #2030NOW. The hashtag is an invitation for anyone with a great idea to answer the question, “How can new technology and new media create solutions for the biggest problems facing my community and create a better future by the year 2030?”

If you’re scratching your head or feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. The CreateAthon team’s got your back. Hosting your own marathon of skills based volunteerism is an excellent way to energize your commitment to corporate social responsibility. More importantly, CreateAthon can help your community level the technology playing field for local nonprofits.

Your local nonprofits may not have the budget to employ a social media strategist. That's where CreateAthon comes in.

From inbound social media marketing expertise to web development and content management, someone on your team has the digital know-how nonprofits desperately need but often can’t afford. CreateAthon is a great platform to get them off and running.

Can your professional skills help a nonprofit grow its social media following?
Web design skills are highly sought out by nonprofits. Why not take your talent pro bono?