CreateAthon Extends Brand Makeover Contest!

  • Written by Teresa Coles

Nonprofits, sharpen your #2 pencils! We’re extending the deadline for applications on the great CreateAthon Brand Makeover contest until July 15. We’ve also simplified the application to make it super easy to apply on Facebook.

We want to make sure as many nonprofits throughout the US and Canada get their shot a chance at one in five guaranteed shots in this year’s CreateAthon. The CreateAthon Brand Makeover contest gives nonprofits everywhere the opportunity to win a suite of free brand consulting services and creative deliverables such as an overall brand strategy, new brand identity, a brand handbook that helps nonprofits tell their story, and print and digital applications.

Five CreateAthon agencies are participating in the contest, agreeing to take on one of five winners as a beneficiary during their next CreateAthon events. After all of the nonprofits have submitted their applications, CreateAthon will choose semifinalists who will in turn be voted on by CreateAthon Facebook fans! The top five nonprofits will be chosen as the winners and will all be assigned to a CreateAthon agency.

CreateAthon has been a part of TedX Columbia as well as A Billion + Change, a national campaign to mobilize the corporate world toward pro bono service. Watch this video, and help spread the CreateAthon love!