CreateAthon: A CEO Reflects On Her Favorite Time of Year

  • Written by Jenni Brennison

 CreateAthon does more for me than it ever does for the nonprofits we help. It teaches me lessons. It humbles me. It makes me a better person.

– Trish Cheatham, CEO, Think Tank

ThinkTank's CreateAthon Team
Think Tank's CEO, Trish Cheatham, believes CreateAthon is good karma.

In the late morning hours of Oct. 25, Think Tank CEO, Trish Cheatham,  sat down to blog about the successful completion of the St. Louis PR and marketing agency’s fifth CreateAthon.

Reflecting on the last 24-hours, she connects one night’s experience to the past five years and the more than 25 nonprofits Think Tank has served. Trish gets right to the heart of how participating in CreateAthon changes your business for the better.

We were so touched by her words, we wanted to make sure everyone in the CreateAthon network had a chance to read this Ninja CEO’s thoughts on The Aftermath of CreateAthon.