Top Nonprofit Links of the Week

  • Written by Jody Piland

The Info Donors Want from You

Nowadays, donors are interested in more than just your mission statement. They want to know about your impact, financial information and your legitimacy. Make this information easier for supporters to access and you might see an increase in donations.

Latest Survey Says People Plan to Donate More to Charity this Holiday Season

Even though our economy is down, the latest poll from the American Red Cross claims that 7 out of 10 Americans will donate more to charity this holiday season than they did last year. Many Americans believe that because the economy is bad, it’s even more important to give. Find out more about this season’s charitable giving’s and how you can give this year.

Is Facebook Good for Fundraising?

According to a recent study from Razoo, only 7% of online donations come from Facebook.  Facebook might not be the best way to collect donations, but it is a great tool for your nonprofit. It can be used to help create awareness for your cause and build relationships with current or potential donors.

Charity And Service: Giving Like The Stars

One doesn’t need to be famous and rich to be able to help a charity like a celebrity.  With a little dedication, you can help increase support for your favorite nonprofit. Keep these three objectives in mind when starting out: choose a cause you are passionate about, think about the variety of ways you can help, and protect your nonprofit and the people it serves.