Top Nonprofit Links of the Week

  • Written by Jody Piland

A guide to telling your story in pictures

One incredible way to tell your nonprofit’s story is through the use of pictures. This is an easy way to reach out to your supporters. Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication recently launched a guide called, Communicating Via Imagery, to help teach you this process.

The Ugly Cry

Weeks after CreateAthon onCampus has been completed, one mentor looks back on the day and the emotions it entailed. Even though she has mentored for the program multiple times before, there is always something new to learn at CreateAthon.

 Generation Y – Reinventing the Way We Communicate

Generation Y, those born between 1980 and 1995, are most known for being very Internet savvy. Because of this, it makes sense that they too are changing the way people communicate. Thanks to the Internet literally being at our fingertips at all times, we can now create relationships through social media and other online presence, as opposed to face to face.

How Technology is Helping Kony Victims in Uganda

Technology is an important tool for nonprofits.  It is what helped the Kony 2012 video go viral and introduce the nation to the victims in Uganda. Once again it’s helping them through the Trauma Healing and Reflection Center (THARCE-Gulu.) This nonprofit has donated flip cameras and video editing software so that the people of Uganda can heal through telling their story.