Top Nonprofit Links of the Week

  • Written by Jody Piland

Visual Storytelling: Powerful Connector for Your Nonprofit

Visual storytelling is a great way to reach out to your target audience. One thing that’s wonderful about it is the infinite amount of ways to do so. Next time you need a way to connect through your nonprofit, try making shirts or hats with your logo on it.

Five ways to get people to act now

If you want people to act now for your nonprofit, create a sense of urgency. Instead of asking for help, tell them specifically what you want them to do and when it needs to be finished. People want to help, but without direction it can be hard.

Permission to be myself. And not worry about it.

Year five of CreateAthon at Virginia Commonwealth University is only one week away. This year students will work during this 24-hour pro bono creative marathon to help rebrand and promote 12 Richmond nonprofits. CreateAthon evangelist Peyton Rowe describes her love for this program and the good it does for her.

No Pain, No Gain

Transparency is hard work. Having everything out in the open is a lot harder than it sounds. Even though it can take up a lot of time, it’s very important that nonprofits are always transparent. This is key if you want people to trust that you are actually doing what you promise. It’s necessary to be transparent at all times, not just when it involves money.