Gain professional experience, while giving back

When universities like Virginia Commmonwealth University and University of South Carolina have hosted their own CreateAthon onCampus event—and put their freshly minted marketing, advertising and communications skills to work—their creations are not only beneficial to the community, but they also earn the university respect as well as empower students in ways that few classroom opportunities can. Your students will have the opportunity to develop their creative talents and learn to collaborate as well as lead teams and projects, all while gaining actual experience with real clients.


How will CreateAthon help my students?

CreateAthon brings the community into the classroom. Through this service learning class and event students gain real world experience by working with actual clients. It also teaches leadership, organization and communications skills to those involved.

What’s in it for my University?

CreateAthon adds value to a university by adding vital service learning curriculum to it’s offerings. This program allows students to understand client relationships on a whole new level while earning valuable credits. CreateAthon also helps your University give back to the surrounding community using vital skills based volunteering.

Why 24 hours straight?

Pro Bono Services are completed during this dedicated time frame in order to avoid conflicting with class schedules and workloads (we recommend spring break). CreateAthon also teaches the importance of meeting strict deadlines and how to deal with high stress situations in a distracting environment.

What support is provided?

You will receive a detailed toolkit that is the blue print to a successful CreateAthon event. It will give you all the necessary tools to build the service learning class, vet the nonprofit applicants and host a successful event. The CreateAthon staff is only a phone call away throughout the entire process, guiding you through whatever issues may arise.

What do I have to do to join?

To join you will need to agree to the CreateAthon brand guidelines, as well as get university buy-in and designate a faculty mentor for the program. Contact us to find out how to make your CreateAthon happen.

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