Corporations combine forces and passions

While corporations are often tapped to make monetary donations, their advertising and marketing teams’ skills and talents can often produce more direct and meaningful results. By matching your special competencies to the needs of nonprofits, CreateAthon’s team works with your marketing, advertising or communications department to put your unique strengths to the best use possible. Whether you have size and clout or simply passion and dedication, you can use your talents to touch nonprofits—and the people they serve—in your community.


What’s in it for my corporation?

CreateAthon is a great way to meet your corporate giving goals while increasing your volunteer hour goals. It’s a great way to build employee engagement through team building, leadership and strategy.

Why a 24 hour model?

High intensity service work strengthens employee bonds and hones leadership skills. This specific event time frame creates that intensity and allows for a mass amount of work to be created in a concentrated amount of time.

What support is provided?

That’s up to you. There are three different models available to choose from. No matter which you choose you will receive the CreateAthon toolkit that is the blueprint to hosting a successful event. If you want us to be more involved in helping you with the process, we’re happy to do that too! Contact us for a more detailed description of support options.

What do I have to do to join?

Joining is simple! Contact us as soon as you’re ready to get more information and we’ll help you figure out which Corporate CreateAthon option is right for you.

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