The Day After

  • Written by CreateAthon onCampus

Yesterday was the day. I was awake for over 30 hours at the end, and after three naps I feel human again.

I am so proud and grateful of my team for their hard work. All plans I had changed (for the better) when we got together and discussed the CAT Theatre. The mentors and members of other groups were impressed with the volume of things we were able to present, and even more exciting was the client’s reception of our presentation. We put words and visuals to a vibe they have been trying to grasp. The new logo and identity still has to be approved by the board, but I’m confident that won’t be a problem.

And did I mention that I got to drop a TV from a second story fire escape? Yup, that happened. But, more on that and the rest of the 24 hours later. For now, I leave you with a picture of everyone involved in making the magic happen. See if you can spot me! (hint: look for a pop of flannel in the sea of blue)


– Curtis Clark