We make it easy for you to do good… While also doing good work.

We are a nonprofit who wants to help support other nonprofits. Our goal is to make a difference on a local level, while continuing to grow the creative skills-based, pro bono movement to a national scale. And we know how to do just that. Our marathon model is tried and true over 16 years and across a wide variety of organizations.

It’s one thing to donate 24 hours of your organization’s time, but it’s quite another to bring it to life. Because we want you to put all of your energy into the creative process, we’ve developed an easily repeatable process for organizing, hosting and leveraging your own marathon creative events and compiled this step-by-step process in our easy-to-follow Toolkit.

Outlining the entire workflow, our Toolkit takes you from choosing the nonprofits you help to getting organized for the volume of work you’re undertaking to leveraging your good works through traditional and social media. With our Toolkit, you can focus on the giving your best to the nonprofits you are serving!