The impact on everyone involved in CreateAthon is impressive and expansive

Like all pro bono and skills-based volunteering programs, CreateAthon has an impact on all the stakeholders: the creative teams, the nonprofits and the clients those nonprofits serve. By exploring and documenting all levels of impact – process, personal benefit, business benefit, social issues benefit – we want to make sure what we do makes a difference. These numbers show it does:

These case studies of Partner work show how dramatic the changes are for the nonprofit organizations as well.

2013 CreateAthon Event Stats

  • 22 events
  • 103 nonprofits served
  • 310 projects completed
  • $1,361,100 project value

Overall CreateAthon Event Stats

  • 99 organizations
  • 1,300+ nonprofits served
  • 3500+ projects delivered
  • $16.7 million market value