Six Amazing Ways to Engage Employees in Service

  • Written by CreateAthon

Do you wish you could hear from the experts as you manage and scale employee engagement and corporate volunteer programs?  Now you can! The latest trends in corporate volunteering are now at your fingertips and on video with Points of Light’s Corporate Video Lecture Series. Watch and learn as corporate social responsibility experts from the Points of Light Leadership Faculty explore virtual volunteering, job purposing, organizing CreateAthons and Hackathons, managing pro bono, global volunteering and more.

View the series here.

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In the video series, you’ll hear from:

  • Teresa Coles, Founder of CreateAthon on Pro Bono CreateAthons. Learn how you can engage marketing professionals to support the social sector through CreateAthons, or pro bono marathons, and how you can get involved in this movement.
  • Bea Boccalandro, President of VeraWorks, on Job Purposing. Job purposing, a new management practice of broadening the social mission of corporate jobs, can help drive up employee engagement at companies.
  • Erin Dieterich, Director of Corporate Citizenship at NetSuite, on Hackathons. Learn how you can organize a pro bono Hackathon to engage key stakeholders and deliver social impact.
  • Jared Chung, Founder of on virtual volunteering. Find out what virtual volunteering is, how the Internet is a powerful enabler of volunteering and how you can get involved.
  • Cheryl Naja, Director of Pro Bono and Community Service at Alton & Bird, on how to manage pro bono projects for success. You’ll find out how to manage effective pro bono projects and how you can successfully match corporate talent to nonprofit needs.
  • Greg Cotton, President of Cotton 7 Global Enterprises, on how to manage international corporate volunteer projects. Hear how a mid-size security and clean technology company has managed and navigated global volunteer projects for impact.