CreateAthon: Nothing But Good

  • Written by Jody Piland

I’ve been fortunate in life to have the opportunity to work on projects that are highly meaningful. I spent 2010 working on the successful lieutenant governor’s campaign in South Carolina, an experience that was both enlightening and inspiring. It prepared me for many things in life, both good and bad. I witnessed candidates who truly wanted to help our great state, but I also learned you never know who you can really trust. (Hence my favorite way to describe politics; it’s Mean Girls for adults).

Two years later, I’m sitting here three weeks after CreateAthon, trying to pinpoint my greatest memory. As I sit in front of this computer screen, I’m starting to realize I don’t think it’s possible. So much good has gone into the CreateAthon event here at Riggs Partners, by so many talented people, that it’s difficult to single out any one act or person. In politics, however, there are so many ups and downs that it is easy to look back and point out the good. This isn’t possible with CreateAthon. There is nothing but good and more good.

Riggs CreateAthon Team 2011

National CreateAthon Week may have already passed, but it’s not over for me. My job is to help it grow on the national level so we can continue to bring in more agencies and nonprofits. I want this program to mean as much to our fellow and future agencies throughout North America as it does to everyone at Riggs Partners.

Our 24 hours have ended, but we still have three agencies left that are working hard to prepare for their CreateAthon events. Be sure to cheer on Hypno Design, Flipside, and Trickey Jennus as they bring CreateAthon 2011 to an end, and we’ll begin preparing for an incredible CreateAthon 2012.