CreateAthon on Campus: A Photo Story from Furman University

  • Written by Alexandra Frazier

On February 27-28, Furman University hosted its first CreateAthon on Campus, an event that gave Furman students the opportunity to both apply their talents to meaningful work and gain first-hand experience in creative marketing.

During the 24-hour marathon of designing, developing and producing marketing materials for local non-profits, FU students lived by the motto, “learn by doing.” Have a look inside their CreateAthon on Campus experience.

Furman students get busy during hour four of their up-all-night endeavor to provide creative work to nonprofits.
The best way to foster productivity during Createathon? Feed your team carbs and greasy goodness.
Nine hours in and going strong. Logo ideation in progress.
Last-minute video editing—feel the burn!
And finally, a moment of zen amongst the chaos, wonder, and joy that defines CreateAthon.


To see even more of Furman’s CreateAthon in progress and to check out the incredible creativity of Furman University’s talented students, visit the Furman Art Department Blog.