CreateAthon in Dogs

  • Written by Julie Turner

There’s no better day than April Fools Day to take a stroll through CreateAthon from a unique and flavorful perspective. There are a few shy volunteers across the CreateAthon universe you may have missed in all the all-nighter ruckus.

L.B. quietly encourages everyone to stay awake and patrols for crumbs at every single workstation.

Little Bit

L.B. (“she’s a little bit of everything”) works at the CreateAthon mothership: Riggs Partners. Little Bit loves to watch birds and she’s the head crumb catcher at every CreateAthon. Unfortunately, she  hates —  h  a  t  e  s  — having her photo taken.

Matilda passed the 24 hours snuggling with everyone.


Few groups can boast a tweeting Corgi. Actually, we know of only one: CreateAthon on Campus at VCU. Meet Matilda. Better yet, check out her first CreateAthon on Twitter.


Harley's mission: bark, snore, poot, repeat.


This little doodlebug can be found across the border at Flipside in Vancouver, BC. Harley likes pig ears and mailman ankles. You can see the three things she excels at in her work bio. While you’re there, drop her an email via


Look deeply into my eyes.



Everyone knows Lucy’s the boss at Trio Solutions. In case you forget, she’ll straighten you out right away. When she’s not patrolling the halls she’s greeting her guests.

And last but certainly not least the doges of Think Tank …


Oliver's a big-time smoocher.

Oliver the Bulldog

Oliver’s such a big part of longtime CreateAthon partner agency Think Tank, he’s on the employee roster. The shortest ninja at the firm, Oliver the mascot is an English Bulldog and CreateAthon veteran. Get to know his likes (sloppy kisses!) and specialties (snoring loudly during meetings!) by following him on Facebook. You can also see what he does when he’s not ripping a few underneath the conference room table.


Jazz is a lap dog.

This is his cohort, Jazz.

Did we miss your four legged volunteer? Please share a photo on Facebook so we can given them a virtual scratch behind the ears.