A fundraising marathon? Bring it on!

  • Written by Peyton Rowe
2014_AMZGRZ_highreslogo_SignCreateAthon is excited to announce that we will be participating in Richmond, Virginia’s 2014 Amazing Raise! The Amazing Raise is a 36-hour online giving challenge that inspires and empowers people to support Central Virginia nonprofit organizations. With our nonprofit headquartered in Richmond, we are able to participate as a new organization.

This is the 3rd year for Richmond’s Amazing Raise, which follows the national trend of giving days. These online fundraisers are a great way to provide financial support to nonprofits while engaging the local and online communities. Check out 2013 results:  2013stats4

We’d like to be a benefitting nonprofit this year and with your help in gifts and sharing on social media, we will be.

Best of all, it is a fun event. The Amazing Raise runs from 6am on September 17th to 6pm on September 18th  There are continued rolling updates, competitions and celebrations. Of course CreateAthon knows how to be effective during a marathon! We will keep our conversation and entertainment engaging and constant during the entire 36-hours.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Mark your calendars! Sept. 17th &  18th. Support CreateAthon those days!
  • Give online! The Amazing Raise is an ONLINE ONLY fundraising drive. Gifts must be submitted through the secure Amazing Raise site https://www.theamazingraise.org/#npo/createathon or from our site www.createathon.org which will have a direct link to our giving page.
  • Give $50 or more to earn CreateAthon extra cash! Minimum donation is $25.00. Each unique donation of $50.00 or more will earn us a point toward the grand prize of $15,000.00!
  • Share on social media! After the success of the Bucket challenge, we all understand the power of sharing and tagging. Share away during the event!

Bonus Prizes!

A fun part of the Amazing Raise is the race for 21 incentive prizes. These occur during the entire event, creating entertaining social media gazing. Three feel made for CreateAthon lovers like you!

Pam_SElfieSMShare your selfie between 9 – 12 (EST) Sept. 17th “Selfies for Good” Prize: $1,000
 ::  Awarded to the organization that receives the most “selfies for good” during this time.  This is measured by the number of original images (each with a unique person) posted to Instagram or Twitter and tagged correctly.

It’s this easy:

  1. fill in and display this sign
  2. tag CreateAthon – @createathon
  3. use the hashtag #AmzgRz.

clockGDonate during 2-5 am (EST), Sept 18th :: Night Owl: $1,000
 :: Awarded to the organization that receives the most donations during this time. (All donations of $25 or more will be counted in this competition)


greenmapLive anywhere but Virginia :: Nifty 50 Prize: $1,000 :: Awarded to the organization that receives donations from the most U.S. states. Location will be determined by billing address. (All donations of $25 or more will be counted in this competition)

CreateAthon is a nonprofit whose mission is to serve nonprofits. We understand the importance of fundraising and giving days like these. Without the support of the community around them many nonprofits would cease to exist.

We ask that you help CreateAthon create the infrastructure needed to move from one program to a thriving organization. We have plans to hire staff, build a larger database of CreateAthon case studies, advocate for pro bono and skills-based volunteering programs and implement methods to assess the nonprofit clients’ experiences and social impact of the work. All of these activities will help us recruit, support and connect groups to serve their community nonprofits with advertising and marketing.

What’s one more marathon to us?