288 hours of Pro Bono next week! (and 48 this week)

  • Written by Peyton Rowe
The EGC Group CreateAthoning!
That’s a lot of volunteering, helping nonprofits solve various communications and marketing challenges. It’s a lot of coffee, too.

Twelve marketing organizations in the US and Canada will host CreateAthon events during Pro Bono Week, October 19 – 25. The week is a global celebration of skills-based volunteerism and the impact it can have on the social sector. Two organizations, the EGC Group in Melville, NY and AAF Roanoke in Roanoke, Virginia, got their CreateAthon tshirts on this week, giving us a grand opening to Pro Bono Week.

pbw14_logo_orangeIt’s hard to believe that seventeen years after Teresa Coles and Cathy Monetti of Riggs Partners held the first CreateAthon, there are so many of these pro bono marathons happening. Communities around North America are getting marketing strategies and creative materials that can change the story for these nonprofits. Deliverables take the form of branding initiatives; marketing, public relations and fundraising plans; creative materials in print, digital, and broadcast formats; and more.

Supporting nonprofits with marketing strategies and deliverables makes their jobs easier.

It allows them to focus on their mission, tell their story better to fulfill that mission and, ultimately, improve their services and outreach to those who so desperately need it.

This kind of collaboration, passion and commitment is what is going to drive social change. These fourteen organizations are willing to devote time and talent to their communities, 24 hours at a time. They are leaders and changemakers. As they become part of the Pro Bono Week movement, we hope you will be inspired by their efforts to consider your own CreateAthon. We’d love to have you.

Here are the list of partners holding their events during Pro Bono Week, and the two kicking us off:

DNA Creative Communications, Greenville, SC

Build-A-Sign/AIGA Austin, Austin, TX

MODassic Marketing, Richardson, TX

Proximo Marketing, Williamsburg  VA

redpepper, Nashville, TN

Riggs Partners, Columbia, SC [ FOUNDERS ]

Sales Factory + Woodbine, Greensboro, NC

Think Tank, Edwardsville, IL

Trio-Solutions, Mount Pleasant, SC

Two Blonde Chicks, Inc., Kitchener, Ontario

verynice, Los Angeles, CA

Waggener Edstrom Communications, Lake Oswego, OR

EGC Group, Melville, NY

AAF Roanoke, Roanoke, VA