159 things I took from CreateAthon

  • Written by CreateAthon onCampus

  1. Be careful with your caffeine intake.
  2. Sleep the night before.
  3. Work smarter, not harder.
  4. Learn your client (front and back side to side)
  5. Meet your team before hand.
  6. Know your strengths.
  7. Advil helps.
  8. Spend the day before relaxing.
  9. Don’t doubt yourself.
  10. Be on time.
  11. Don’t doubt your skills.
  12. Allow others to shine.
  13. Bring deodorant.
  14. Be open to new ideas.
  15. 3d tee shirts are amazing.
  16. Lists are a great way to organize.
  17. Tis a great way to get to know your department.
  18. Go outside and enjoy nature it brings in your creative spirit.
  19. You have more in common than the shirt your wearing.
  20. Learning how to stay up for 24 hours = life skill.
  21. Working with people you’ve never met isn’t hard.
  22. Learn how to accommodate flaws.
  23. Package your files.
  24. Be calm.
  25. Manage stress.
  26. Answers to the questions of the ad world.
  27. Let loose.
  28. Explore your space.
  29. Perfume doesn’t help your 24 hour funk.
  30. It takes at least 30 minutes to take a group photo with 30+ people.
  31. Rivalries can be friendly.
  32. Print in CMKY.
  33. It is 100 percent acceptable to get massages from strangers.
  34. Shoes are not required.
  35. Details are key.
  36. it is completely acceptable to run through the halls at 2am
  37. Dont judge a guy in a super hero costume.
  38. Peyton is awesome.
  39. Creating a logo takes more than an image.
  40. Create order among your team.
  41. It is totally appropriate to jump out of a closet in another teams room.
  42. Dont hold it.
  43. Be aware of your surroundings.
  44. Take a moment for yourself.
  45. Meet the other teams, they may have ideas too.
  46. Creativity is powerful.
  47. Be strong.
  48. Eat healthily.
  49. Be glad you don’t have to code.
  50. Chair RACES!
  51. look for a deeper meaning.
  52. Your non profit is counting on you.
  53. Let CreateAthon bring the best out of you.
  54. Don’t wait until the last minute to print.
  55. Be honest.
  56. Push your teammates to work hard.
  57. Brainstorm.
  58. Don’t be pushy.
  59. 20 minute naps only.
  60. Snacks help curve late night hunger.
  61. Think outside the box.
  62. Spell check is a great friend in this process.
  63. Mentors are there to HELP.
  64. Analyze throughly.
  65. Think “what is best for the client.”
  66. DANCE!
  67. Comfy pants is a must.
  68. Be yourself.
  69. Defend only when justified.
  70. Don’t lose your client in your work.
  71. Re-read your brief before you get to work
  72. WATER, water, WATER
  73. Figure out what you can bring to the table.
  74. Make sure you relax after the event is over.
  75. Laugh.
  76. Avoid 5 hour energy drinks
  77. Play video games (break time only)
  78. Think about what you are doing for your team.
  79. Listen.
  80. YOGA!
  81. Go over your checklist.
  82. Put aside your pride.
  83. Take breaks.
  84. Wear socks or shoes in the bathroom.
  85. Adobe is a close friend of yours.
  86. Take pictures.
  87. Visit headquarters.
  88. Explore bed making with chairs.
  89. Sketch, Sketch, Sketch.
  90. Get inspired.
  91. Think ” What does this mean”
  92. Educate others.
  93. DESIGN!
  94. Avoid coffee if you can.
  95. Focus as you work.
  96. Keep an extra jump drive handy.
  97. Teach someone a new skill, it give them something to bring home.
  98. Wear your name tag.
  99. Be bright.
  100. Use Kuler.
  101. Vent in private.
  102. Organize.
  103. Root on CREATEATHON
  104. YOUTUBE
  105. Eat moderately.
  106. Don’t overdo it.
  107. Sleep afterwards.
  108. Concept.
  109. Blow bubbles.
  110. Come out with a new friend.
  111. Pantone colors aren’t necessarily the devil.
  112. Network.
  113. Apply your skills from class.
  114. Think Social MEDIA.
  115. Draw silly things.
  116. It is hot when you shove 89+ people in one room.
  117. Toothbrushes come in handy.
  118. The food isn’t leaving, you cant wait in line.
  119. Check your attitude at the door. it will be available for pick up later.
  120. Don’t add to much sugar to your tea.
  121. Bring sharpies.
  122. Deep Breaths.
  123. Cheer loud for your home team. GO VCU!
  124. Learn something new.
  125. Critique.
  126. Have fun.
  127. Wear a smile.
  129. Don’t forget your charger.
  130. Be there to help other.
  131. Feel good because you helped change someones life.
  132. Pick a good chair in the mac lab.
  133. Try a different role.
  134. “We are young”
  135. Shower before the event.
  136. Write your thoughts.
  137. Back everything up.
  138. Record your progress.
  139. Get to know your mentors.
  140. Crying can be a good thing.
  141. Make a mental souvenir.
  142. Save your files as PDFs.
  143. Presentation is important.
  144. Try art direction if your strategic, vice versa.
  145. Use the chalkboard.
  146. Make a moment.
  147. CREATE!
  148. Play with the plastic dinosaurs.
  149. Dont be overprotective of your ideas.
  150. Follow the schedule.
  151. Know when to say when.
  152. Post to the right blog.
  153. Don’t feel obligated to be trapped in the room.
  154. Pack light.
  155. Double check everything.
  156. Let it go, if it’s bothering you.
  157. You are supported, by many.
  158. You are a chosen one.
  159. Be innovative.


-Alana Robinson