Effective communications are everything.

As marketers, we know that communication is key to raising brand awareness and solving problems. However, many nonprofits can’t afford the marketing and public relations services necessary to reach donors and community members who can help them achieve their goals. That’s where CreateAthon comes in.

By rallying marketing and communications teams to serve in pro bono marketing marathons, CreateAthon delivers the communications strategies and materials nonprofits need to move their missions forward. Our proven model has already delivered more than $20 million dollars worth of pro bono marketing services to deserving nonprofits. But we’re not stopping there.

We’re on a mission to deliver more than $100 million in pro bono marketing services by 2020.

Recruiting marketing teams into pro bono service has tremendous, exponential impact. As the size and number of CreateAthon’s partners grow, more nonprofits can access the tools they need to communicate their mission, advance their cause, and impact their communities. When that happens, we all get a little closer to a more connected, compassionate world. Who doesn’t want that?

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Help us reach our goal.

CreateAthon thrives on collaboration and partnership. We’re committed to engaging marketing professionals and students the world over in service to local nonprofits. Already, we’ve recruited more than 100 partner organizations to bring our marathon model to their communities. To reach our $100 million goal, we’ll need your support to deliver even greater levels of pro bono marketing service to the nonprofit marketplace.

Want to bring the marathon to your organization? Learn what it takes to become a CreateAthon partner!

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