Our global movement began with a simple question.

“What if we actually worked around the clock, for charity?”


Such was the initial exchange between Teresa Coles and Cathy Monetti in the summer of 1998. As principals of Riggs Partners, an advertising agency in Columbia, South Carolina, the pair put plans in motion to make their idea of pulling an all-nighter for charity a reality. Soon after, CreateAthon was born.

To hear Teresa tell it, her biggest concern wasn’t if they could get all the work done—it was whether or not Riggs Partners’ rag-tag crew of volunteers could even stay awake for 24 hours. Turns out, they did just fine.

In 2002, Riggs Partners expanded their program to create a national CreateAthon network. Twelve years, 100 partners and more than 3,500 projects later, CreateAthon sought 501(c)3 status. As a nonprofit organization, CreateAthon works every day to recruit more professional and student-led marketing teams into service for nonprofits. In doing so, nonprofits gain access to the marketing and communications skills they need to help advance their work.

Current Partners

Roanoke, VA
Albuquerque, NM
Richmond, VA
Waterloo, ON
Cazenovia, NY
Toronto, ON
West Vancouver, BC
Lockport, NY
Meridian, MS
Nashville, TN
Columbia, SC
Melville, NY
Greensboro & Raleigh, NC
St. Louis, MO
Mount Pleasant, SC
Los Angeles, CA


We are an active participant in A Billion + Change and member of its national Pro Bono Collaborative, which works to advance skills-based volunteerism.

CreateAthon has worked with Taproot on multiple projects and participated in the Global Pro Bono Summit for the last two years.

After meeting Net Impact at Taproot’s Summit, CreateAthon has worked with them on how to expand pro bono marathons to their membership.


Board of Directors

Teresa Coles Board Chair & CreateAthon Founder Columbia, SC
Liza Billington Richmond, VA
Julia Bishop Richmond, VA
June Bradham CFRE Charleston, SC
Cathy Howard Richmond, VA
Matthew Manos Los Angeles, CA
Jack Martin Lockport, NY
Jessica Munday Charleston, SC
Rebecca Wang Palo Alto, CA


peytonWEBPeyton Rowe was named Executive Director of CreateAthon in fall 2013, shortly after the organization achieved its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Making things and working with people, while having a laughing good time, is how Peyton has spent her workdays for years. Discovering that she could use her super powers of design and creative thinking to help her local community was icing on the cake. In 2004, while teaching at the University of South Carolina, Peyton worked with CreateAthon, and three years later launched CreateAthon onCampus at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), an academic model of the program, while continuing to develop the national CreateAthon program and organization. In addition to serving as CreateAthon’s Executive Director, she is an associate professor of design and creative advertising at VCU.